Granite Countertops Ballantyne NC

Granite is one of the more popular countertop materials on the market and a great choice for both modern or traditional houses. Available in a striking array of colors, and prices, granite's durability, longevity, and cost make it ideal for kitchen countertops and other heavily used surfaces, including table tops and floors. One of the most durable natural surfaces available, granite is known for resisting chips, cracks and heat damage. We offer a wide selection of Granite countertops, from common colors such as Splendor White, to more exotics such as Pergaminho, we have it all! Come visit our showroom conveniently located in the Ballantyne,NC area of charlotte, NC.

New Caledonia Granite
White Waves Granite
MoonLight Granite
Viscont White Granite
Viscont White Granite
Venetian White Granite
Steel Grey Granite
Splendor White Granite
Santa Cecilia Granite
New Collonial White Granite
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New Venetian Gold Granite
Luna Pearl Granite
Giallo Ornamental Granite
Crema Caramel Granite
Colonial White Granite
Colonial Gold Granite
Bahamas Granite
Belvadere Granite
Azul Platino Granite
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New Venetian Gold Granite